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Hervey bay is one of the best places to tour around in Australia. It is filled with wonderful adventures whether you are a local, from Australia, or a tourist, will likely enjoy these. If you do plan on visiting Hervey bay, then it would be be best to plan it out and book these that will guarantee to make your trip a great one.

4×4 adventure

If you are looking for adrenaline rush then a Hervey Bay 4wd hire will be the best option for you to have. These are extremely thrilling as you get to go off road and experience hardcore action of bumpy rides as yoou trailblaze around the area such as fraser island.There are a lot of packages offered wherein you can go on a fraser island 4wd for at least 2 days. It definitely is a fun and exciting experience because you get to go to different iconic spots in the island which is also perfect to take pictures to post for your social media accounts, and just have a relaxing time as you enjoy the water and company of your friends.

Whale watching

When you just want to appreciate the sea and the life forms that it has, then what better way to do it than watch whales swim around the bay area. You will definitely be amazed on how majestic these creatures can be which is why it makes it a perfect destination to go to.

Roam around Esplanade

The hervey bay esplanade is one way to refresh yourself and explore nature within the area. If you are fond of cycling and/or jogging or just walking then this is definitely the area you need to go to as it has a long pathway of trees which is just as peaceful and relaxing as you stroll along. Whether you are a tourist or from the area, you will be motivated to do workouts and other physical activities as this is the usual place where people go to for those kind of routines.

Walk along the pier

If you are with your partner, then it would be ideal for you to head over to the Urangan pier which just gives you this awesome panoramic view of a still water that enables you to have and enjoy the walk, and look for the perfect peaceful spot and sit on its benches.

Botanical graden

One of the best ways to attain peace of mind is being one with nature, and visiting its botanical garden is truly a refreshing experience, especially during the afternoon.